2020 Adventures

White Pass area and Angry Mountain hike.

2020 was a much slower year than most any in my long history of adventures, and you already guessed why. We made the best of it though and visited many new places and had loads of fun doing it. On my birthday, Kel and I went to Packwood and explored the area. Here’s Kel hiking the metal covers over a small stream at the White Pass ski area. Why? – because they were there, of course!

This next photo is on the ridge west of Angry Mountain located off forest road 21 about 10 miles from Packwood. It’s a half-mile off-trail trek to get to this interesting high point.I’vee seen lots of piles of columnar basalt but never situated atop a ridge like this.

Once on the summit ridge, here is a view of the western edge of the Goat Rocks:

The photo at the right is of one of the meadows to the north of the hiking trail.

This rock pillar is right along the trail. Below: Kelly navigating one of the many logs fallen over the trail. There were 39 of them, all told, but this is one of the bigger ones.

Angry Mountain hike: 13.5 miles, 4,560 EG, hike # 72 for 2020.

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